HIPPSOR at Glance

Founded in Hargeisa in 2017, HIPPSOR is an independent research and debate institution dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions pertaining to the Horn Region affairs. HIPPSOR research focuses on economy; energy; health; environment; migration; citizenship; and security.

The mission of the institute is to improve the quality of the public policy with impartial and fact-based research, analysis and debate. At HIPPSOR We are committed to excellence and transparency.

Thus far, we plan to deliver our intent through: 

Informed Discussion

Engage governments, the private sector, civil society and our members in open debate and private discussions about the most significant developments in the region.

 Independent Analysis

Carry out independent and rigorous analysis of critical regional and country-specific challenges and opportunities. And documenting those analysis in reports, papers, books and research outputs which can be a vital source for leaders and policy makers in both the governments, private sector and civil society.

New Policy Ideas

Offer new ideas and proposals on how best to confront these challenges and opportunities from the near to the long term. Policy recommendations are developed in collaboration with policymakers, experts and stakeholders in each area.


We plan to connect our analysis and ideas with as wide an audience as possible in order to support informed policy choices.

To achieve its stated goals, the Institute plans to offer solutions that are based on the following principles:

  • Rule of law and proper checks and balanced in the government
  • Democratic and responsive government
  • Open and less regulated markets
  • Vibrant civil society and media that make possible informed public discourse

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